The Yesterdays

2010-06-10 12:19:28 by ZIM106

I've recently uploaded the newest addition to the "general rock" category within the AUDIO PORTAL.
Titled "The Yesterdays", the almost classical-like sounding rock song is a safe decision for someone wanting to hear something unforgettable.

(actually.. don't quote me on that)

But i would definitely recommend you plug one of your ears up to this masterpiece.

Song is called "Cherry Red" and it tells
the short story of an inconceivable event that can only be
told through song. It's got an almost blues feel to it. Check it out.
and tell me what you think i'm open for suggestions to possible future songs... I think.

New Song "The Hurricane Kid"

2009-08-02 15:18:42 by ZIM106

Just finished uploading a new song i produced/created called The Hurricane Kid.
It's a rock song with lyrics/guitar solo/ cool drums fills haha so go check it out if your in to that kind of stuff. Tell me what you think about it.

Above the Sea Theme Song

2009-07-05 12:37:38 by ZIM106

Just uploaded the Theme song to my (hopefully) upcoming flash "Above the Sea". It's a general rock song with a sweet solo. So if you feel like checking it out, then... do so.

I have just submitted my song "Bassist on Mars" to newgrounds.
It's a song that tell the tale of a lone bass player with unimaginable ability.
go check it out, if your into rock.

I'm hoping to include it in my "Above the Sea" flash series.
the first episode should be done by next month.

Started work on a new flash earlier this week. So far the title of the flash is "Above the Sea".
it took me about 2 days to finish the theme song intro, but now i'm working on the actual story and i expect to be done by the end of the month AT LEAST might take me a bit longer
(hope not)

Above the Sea - summary
We follow Chris, some kid who happened to wake up in the forest, as he makes his way through
a totally different universe just trying to figure out why he's there in the first place.

Great Coffee

2008-07-15 17:08:43 by ZIM106

just finished up
a flash called great Coffee it's in the
portal right now
go check it out
the voices were done by none other
then HEflash

so if u would please give
him a round of applause lol

Great Coffee

War Heroes 2 :DDDD

2008-07-10 00:21:50 by ZIM106

War Heroes 2 has been posted in the Flash Portal
finally after so long i finished it. But i have decided to
change a bit of the story, go check it out and tell me what you think

War Heroes 2 :DDDD

I'm here to get up there

2007-07-23 06:31:06 by ZIM106

I've been away from NG for a while now, and i think i should come back and get noticed i'll probably be going through my head for ideas for a flash. I'll try to make people laugh, and you know whatever. I'm working on my site design too (C2)... so hope to post a flash at least in next month. Hope to make you guys laugh soon